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We are a local business with four decades of experience that specializes in selling, renting 
and servicing mobility and accessibility products. We provide custom applications, stock 
equipment, and adaptable products. Our goal is to Simplify Your Life™ with the use 
of our products. We are able to evaluate the customer's needs, evaluate the home or 
facility, and determine the correct product to use for enhancing our customers' lives.


"I love my stair lift. It was installed within a few hours, runs up and down my staircase several times per day helping both me and my wife. I wish I had installed it 10 years ago. Thanks to Solano Mobility & Accessibility tm I now can enjoy the house I love." - Nick C.

"We want to thank Solano Mobility & Accessibility for their help and advice in troubleshooting my father's stairlift. The technician was kind enough to answer all of our questions and guide us through some technical issues of which we were not aware. The technician seems to really enjoy his work and is sincere in his desire to help customers. Thank you, Solano Mobility & Accessibility." - Marion L.

"Solano Mobility & Accessibility responded immediately to our emergency. Although the chairlift's motherboard was not functioning, the technician was able to hot-wire the chairlift to get my husband upstairs. The unit needed to be replaced, and was within two days with a refurbished model. And the price was right! Very reasonable. I would highly recommend their services." - Sheila S.